Three trolley cars entered our village on the afternoon of July 14 to launch the 2016 Town Tours and Village Walks program at Historic Yellow Springs.  This was a program long in the planning as Moore Archivist, Sandy Momyer, worked with the four surrounding townships to organize a tour that focused on the Supplying Freedom Tour as part of the 300th Anniversary of the Iron and Steel industry in Chester County.

Sandy extends her thanks to Charlestown, East Pikeland, West Pikeland and West Vincent Townships for their support.  Also, the Mill at Anselma, the Charlestown Historical Society, East Pikeland Historical Society, West Vincent Historical Committee, and the Horse-Shoe Trail Conservancy were deeply involved in the tour and the support of its members was deeply appreciated.

We were pleased to host 340 people on the trolley tour who then returned to cool drinks and snacks at The Washington. The Information tables set up by the townships and sites provided expanded historic knowledge for our visitors to peruse. To facilitate this there were 40 volunteers, including HYS staff, who served as guides on the trolleys, checking-in visitors, serving refreshments, hosting our Information Tables, directing traffic and any other task that needed to be done. We thank all our visitors and volunteers who made this event such fun and such a success. We also thank Karen Marshall, Chester County Historic Preservation Officer, for all her support to facilitate the trolley tours.