Archaeology for Kids

Archaeology Dig for Kids at Historic Yellow Springs

Kids—Learn about Archaeology and Participate in an Actual Dig at Historic Yellow Springs!

Join the fun on August 13-17, at the Historic Yellow Springs Archaeology Dig for Kids, for ages 8 to 16 years, in Chester Springs, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

What treasures can you unearth at an archaeology dig?
Here at Historic Yellow Springs (HYS) we have discovered projectile points used by Native Americans, paint brushes used by artists in decades past, oyster shells from when HYS was a resort, and marbles from when it hosted an orphanage. Last year we found a toy trolley car.

Kids learn the step-by-step process of a professional dig.

A professional archaeologist will coordinate the dig and train the children in how to survey the site, excavate and sift soil to uncover artifacts, track daily progress, map discoveries and record findings All archaeological findings are documented and become art of the historic record at HYS.

This popular hands-on summer dig allows kids to learn about local history while studying the process of archaeology.

Kids research and explore local history as they follow clues left by the artifacts to identify the object, how it was used and by whom. They learn about past human lifestyles and events, and discover how and why they have changed. Information recovered from the dig plays an important part in reconstructing local history. There are just a few spots left (for children 8–16 years). Classes begin on Monday, August 13th.

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All findings are documented by a professional archaeologist.