This is the first in a series of articles to highlight the extraordinary artists at the Chester Springs Studio who bring their talent and passion to share with our students.


We are pleased to honor Nell Hazinski as our Artist of the Month for November.

Nell remembers that when she first came to teach at the studio many years ago there was no potter’s wheel!

In 1990 Nell left the Studio and accompanied her husband to Japan where he was teaching for four years. While there she taught art and pottery at an International School and had the opportunity to study the wonderful pottery and pottery techniques found there.  The family returned to the United States and Nell returned to the Chester Springs Studio. Nell sees her Studio experiences as exciting and filled with incredible energy. She said, “I think the village is a magical place where Feng shui exists. She is not the first person to express this feeling when visiting or working here.

Nell will be conducting a Nerikomi workshop on November 5 here at the Studio. This old Japanese process uses colored clay to make designs which are then applied to pottery.

Nell also works on her farm at her Milkhouse Studio where she teaches classes and workshops. A native of Northern New Jersey, she attended Rutgers University and later studied drawing and photography in Denver. Pottery, however, has been her “forever” love since Rutgers.

Nell is happy to see all the growth at the Chester Springs Studio and gives praise to Matt Wren and Cher Pizzi for all the wonderful things they have brought to art in Chester Springs. She believes the wood kiln has brought strength to the ceramics program, and in hosting Philadelphia art schools and studios to fire at the wood-burning kiln, the Chester Springs Studio has brought recognition to itself as well.

You can see and purchase Nell’s work at the upcoming Fine Arts and Craft Show at Yellow Springs November 17, 18, 19.