Workshops at Chester Springs Studio include watercolor painting, oil painting, plein air, mixed media, ceramics, raku firings and more with guest artists.

Jack Troy Workshop at Chester Springs Studio in Historic Yellow Springs

Firing the Chester Springs Noborigama Kiln


Every Side is a Winner, ceramic by Jack Troy.

“Every Side is a Winner,” ceramic by Jack Troy.

Level: Some experience required
12 Students
 Jack Troy
Date: Friday – Sunday, April 12-14, 2019
Unloading: Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Location: Chester Springs Studio, Historic Yellow Springs
Tuition: $375 Member, $395 Non-member

Workshop Description
Historic Yellow Springs is pleased to offer a wood-firing workshop with Jack Troy. Participants will be able to fire their work in both the wood and salt chambers of the two-chamber Noborigama.  Jack will share his experience in developing wood fired surfaces, glazing, wadding, loading techniques, as well as firing methods.

Pottery by Jack Troy.

Pottery by Jack Troy.


Workshop Schedule

Friday, April 12, 2019
9 am – 12 pm: Glazing and Wadding
1 pm – 6 pm: Loading and Lighting the Kiln

Friday, April 12 – Sunday, April 14, 2019
6 pm Friday – 6 am Sunday (approx.) Firing the Kiln: 36+ hour firing
Participants take shifts stoking the kiln.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019
9 am – 12 pm: Unloading Kiln and Discussion of Work  


About Jack Troy

Jack Troy, teacher, potter and writer, retired from Juniata College in 2006, where he taught for 39 years. He has led over 230 workshops for potters at colleges, universities, and art centers in the U. S. and abroad. His career has taken him to 13 countries, and his work is in many private and public collections, including the Smithsonian Institution, Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park (Japan), Auckland (NZ) Museum of Art and the Kalamazoo Institute of Art.  His first book, Salt Glazed Ceramics, was published in 1977. In 1978, he built Pennsylvania’s first anagama-style kiln at Juniata College, and personal anagamas at his home in 1987 and 2006.

In 1995, he published the book Wood-fired Stoneware and Porcelain. His collection of poems, Calling the Planet Home, was published in 2003 and more than 60 of his articles, book reviews, and exhibition catalogue essays have appeared in the major periodicals in his field. The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts awarded him two Craft Fellowships for his work in ceramics, and a Fellowship in Literature for his poetry. He was selected by the Council to make the awards for the 2005 Governor’s Awards for the Arts. In 2012 he received the Excellence in Teaching Award from NCECA, the National Council for Education in Ceramic Arts.



Phenomena Hokusai Fall by Paul Jenkins

Phenomena: Hokusai Fall by Paul Jenkins

Abstract Art Workshop with ADRIAN MARTINEZ

Level: All levels
8 students
Adrian Martinez
Date: Saturday – Sunday, June 8 – 9, 2019
Time: 10am – 3pm
Location: Chester Springs Studio, Historic Yellow Springs
Two-Day Tuition:
 $175 Member, $195 Non-member

What is your definition of abstract art? Why did it start and when? Like all creative activities, there is no single way of understanding abstract art; however, there are practical techniques to be learned—those practiced by 20th century artists, and artists today. This painting, drawing and mixed media workshop will be an exuberant exploration of each student’s connection to the past 100 years of avant-garde art. These lessons will be based on Martinez’s firsthand experience as a young artist in New York and London in the 1960’s and 1970’s and his close study of how abstract art and culture changed in the 20th and 21st century. Each session will begin with a brief introduction to a particular movement and the artist that best represents it. At the end of this class you will understand the visual language of abstract art, and how you can apply those techniques to any type of painting.


Adrian Martinez

About Adrian Martinez Adrian Martinez is an internationally known artist, teacher and lecturer. He was born in Philadelphia, PA and grew up in Washington, D.C.  He received degrees from the Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore, Maryland (BFA), St. Martins School of Art in London, England (CS) and Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana (MA).  Adrian has exhibited his work in New York, Pennsylvania, Ankara, Turkey, Texas, Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware, Indiana, California and London, England. A major retrospective of his work at the Chester County Art Association in 2002 was attended by First Lady Laura Bush and she and her husband collect his workPresident George W. and Mrs. Laura Bush commissioned him to paint two large landscapes commemorating the National Parks theme for the White House holiday season in 2007 and these two works are now installed in the George W. Bush Presidential Library. 

To learn more about Adrian, go to:



The Painterly Approach—
An Exploration with Georganna Lenssen

Level: All levels
Limit: 12 students
Workshop Instructor:
 Georganna Lenssen
Date: Saturday-Sunday, Feb.23-24, 2019
Time: 10am – 3pm
Location: Chester Springs Studio, Historic Yellow Springs
Two-Day Tuition:
 $165 Member, $185 Non-member

In this workshop, we will explore the still life or image as a point of departure. Rather than simply responding, recording or representing that which is before them, students will be encouraged to ask themselves, and begin to understand for themselves, what is their connection to a subject, and what is its essence. We will discuss contemporary painters and approaches to painting while developing our working knowledge and visual awareness of composition, shapes, color, paint application and surface quality. Students will be challenged to be more expressive, bold and spontaneous, and to develop a visual vocabulary that best expresses their unique and individual observations. It is in this marriage of “interpretation” and “expression” that students will learn a more contemporary and liberating method of painting. Both individual and group critiques will be included. All levels welcome, although some (no matter how little) oil painting experience preferred.


About Georganna Lenssen

Born in Seoul, Korea, Georganna Lenssen graduated from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Awards include the Roy Lance Lauffer Memorial Prize, the Elizabeth Arramark scholarship, and the Wildlife Purchase Prize. Asian art—its deep reverence for nature and the vitality of its direct, spontaneous use of brush and ink—has strongly influenced her work. She incorporates these qualities, focusing upon gesture and movement as they express the essence and vitality of her subjects. Lenssen also teaches at the Wayne Art Center, as well as privately from her studio in Chester Springs, PA. She is represented by galleries including Red Raven Art Company in Lancaster, PA and West Branch Gallery in Stowe, VT.





Preservation Skills Workshop:
How to Replace a Historic Cedar Shingle Roof

Crystal Diamond Springhouse, 2015. Photo by Mark Ashton.

Crystal Diamond Springhouse, 2015. Photo by Mark Ashton.

Level: Beginner to Advanced, No Experience Required
Instructors: Andrew Gustine
Saturday-Sunday, TBA
Time: 8:30am-6:00pm
Location: Lincoln Building
1685 Art School Road Chester Springs, PA 19425 Tuition: HYS and CCHPN
Members: $85 Non-Member: $100

During this two-day workshop we will undertake the replacement of cedar shingle roofing on the Crystal Diamond Springhouse, a small one-story stone building built in the 1850s to house the magnesium spring. Guided by two building professionals with over 70 years of experience between them, participants will strip the existing cedar shingles and remove them to be composted on site, repair the existing wood lath, and install new western red cedar taper-sawn shakes.

PAFA artists painting at the Crystal Diamond Springhouse, 1930s.

PAFA artists painting at the Crystal Diamond Springhouse, 1930s.

The hands-on work will be accompanied by instruction in the use of wood shingle roofing materials historically and its appropriate use in historic preservation today, including design choices like shake vs. shingle, amount of exposure and minimum pitch. The skills and processes that will be covered include condition assessment of existing wood roofs, measuring and estimating, personal and workplace safety, methods of layout and coursing, rules of thumb for shingle placement and nailing, and fastening methods. The workshop will meet from 8:30 am to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday, with a break at noon for lunch (please bring your own).

Full scholarships are available for high school and college students. Email for more information.


Instructors for the Workshop Series 

Tony Vizzi, Affordable Copper Roofing

Tony Vizzi, Affordable Copper Roofing

Tony Vizzi has specialized in historic roofing materials and techniques since about 1981. With a background in finish carpentry he developed a keen interest in the highly detailed installation of slate, tile and metal roofs. For the last 15 years he has enjoyed sharing his knowledge with other contractors and has collaborated on many historical projects.

Facebook: Affordable Copper Roofing
YouTube: Affordable Copper Roofing: Keeping the Fires Burning
YouTube: Affordable Copper Roofing: Installing A Copper Barrel Roof


Workshop Instructor Andrew Gustine, Native Woods Restoration Carpentry

Andrew Gustine, Native Woods Restoration Carpentry

Andrew Gustine, owner of Native Woods Restoration Carpentry, is a master carpenter focused on rehabilitating and restoring houses, barns, and outbuildings for more than 25 years. He holds a Master of Science in Historic Preservation from the University of Pennsylvania and serves on the Board of the Chester County Historic Preservation Network, and Historic Yellow Springs, Inc.

Website: Native Woods Restoration Carpentry

Facebook: Native Woods Restoration Carpentry