Workshops at Chester Springs Studio include watercolor painting, oil painting, plein air, mixed media, ceramics, raku firings and more with guest artists.

Pocket Sketching for Travel and Plein Air – Art Workshop with Kath Macaulay

Level: All levels, Limit 12 studentsKath_Macaulay_Alturas_Drama
Workshop Instructor: Kath Macaulay
Date: Saturday-Monday, October 7-9, 2017
Time: 10am-4pm each day
Location: Chester Springs Studio, Historic Yellow Springs
Three-Day Tuition: $250 Member, $265 Non-member

Perfect for hiking, biking, sitting in a café or standing in line —take it anywhere, preserve a memory in 25 minutes or less and put away with no clean-up.


This workshop is ideal for beginners who would like to fearlessly paint in public, as well as experienced artists who want mobility, minimal equipment and no clean-up. Fast, personal, fresh, memorable, Pocket Sketching, as taught by Kath Macaulay, is the answer to the problems of working plein air in public. Much technique and philosophy is from John Singer Sargent. Famous for Pocket Sketching, Kath has built this format so you can work quickly indoors or plein air, fearlessly in public. The equipment is so compact no one notices you and you learn to be finished within 25 minutes. It’s so portable you can use it hiking, biking, at the opera and on airport layovers. No mess. No clean-up. You capture what you see: the magic the camera can’t Kath_Macaulay_1catch. And you are totally, mindfully involved. The workshop begins with foundational basics: contrast, color, focal point and linear perspective while you easily learn watercolor and rendering landscapes with the water soluble pen. The following day techniques for drawing and painting still life and people are explored. The third day uses the skills developed to this point and applies them to plein air painting. You gain the confidence to go anywhere, work in public and complete memorable sketches in public…undisturbed! With focal point exercises you learn how to focus on what caught your eye and filter out clutter. The camera has an infinity lens and includes every detail. Your eyes have a pin-point focusing power. You will learn the pleasure and speed of capturing that focal point and how to give it the ‘punch’ that caught your eye. The workshop is well organized, fast, and loaded with information and demonstrations.


About Kath Macaulay Kath Macaulay studied Marketing at New Mexico State University, Scientific Illustration at the University of Arizona and earned a B.S. in Biology from Oregon State University. Studied with master artists: Nick Brigante, Los Angeles, CA; Robert Carl Cogar, Las Cruces, NM; Bong Wai Chen, Portland, OR; Bob Blair, Buff alo, NY. Exhibited works in oil and watercolors nationally and internationally. Teaches art workshops nationally in locations including Sedona Arts Center, Sedona, AZ; Tucson Botanical Garden, Tucson, AZ; Tohono Chul Park, Oro Valley, AZ; Art Association of Jackson Hole; Jackson, WY; Dillman’s, Fon du Lac, WI; Canyon Ranch, Tuscon, AZ.





Watercolor Workshops with Mick McAndrews

Watercolor Magic: 2-Day Workshop with Mick McAndrews

Level: All levels, Limit 12 students
Workshop Instructor: Mick McAndrews
Date: Saturday-Sunday, November 4-5, 2017
Time: 10am-4pm
Location: Chester Springs Studio, Historic Yellow Springs
Two-Day Tuition: $170 Member, $190 Non-member

During this watercolor class we will paint a variety of subjects with a focus on working with plenty of water and pigment to exploit the wonder and intrinsic beauty of the medium. We will avoid the pitfalls of noodling with fussy details and instead focus on the key elements in all painterly two dimensional works of art: interesting shapes, value contrast, and a variety of edges. We will discuss the importance of good drawing skills, basic color theory, perspective, and the elements and principles of design. With this knowledge we will explore and experience the magic of watercolor!




Nerikomi Workshop with Nell Hazinski

Nerikomi platter by Nell Hazinski.

Nerikomi platter by Nell Hazinski.

Level: All levels, Limit 10 students
Workshop Instructor: Nell Hazinski
Date: Sunday, November 5, 2017
Time: 10am-5pm
Location: Chester Springs Studio, Historic Yellow Springs Tuition: $110 Member, $120 Non-member
($25 materials fee included in price)

Objective:  To demonstrate basic nerikomi techniques.  Each student will make a nerikomi fabric which can be used to make a bowl on a hump mold, or a constructed pot. Morning:

  • Introduction,  handouts, examples
  • Mixing colored clay
  • Skinner blend
  • Overview Demo of basic techniques


  • Making the rolls
  • Demo of laying the slabs, layering
  • Design Issues: depth, background/foreground, translucency, form and surface
  • Slabs: building techniques
  • Finishing techniques

Materials List:

  • Smooth rolling pin 
  • A 2’ square cloth, bed sheeting type weight and thread count
  • Cheese cutter if you have one (Several cutters will be available for sale at workshop)
  • Fettling knife or pin tool




The Painterly Approach—An Exploration with Georganna Lenssen

Painting by Georganna Lenssen

Painting by Georganna Lenssen

Level: All levels, Limit 12 students
Workshop Instructor:
 Georganna Lenssen
Date: Saturday-Sunday, Nov.11-12
Time: Sat: 10am – 3pm
Location: Chester Springs Studio, Historic Yellow Springs
Two-Day Tuition: $120 Member, $140 Non-member

In this workshop, we will explore the still life or image as a point of departure. Rather than simply responding, recording or representing that which is before them, students will be encouraged to ask themselves, and begin to understand for themselves, what is their connection to a subject, and what is its essence. We will discuss contemporary painters and approaches to painting while developing our working knowledge and visual awareness of composition, shapes, color, paint application and surface quality. Students will be challenged to be more expressive, bold and spontaneous, and to develop a visual vocabulary that best expresses their unique and individual observations. It is in this marriage of “interpretation” and “expression” that students will learn a more contemporary and liberating method of painting. Both individual and group critiques will be included. All levels welcome, although some (no matter how little) oil painting experience preferred.

Painting by Georganna Lenssen

Painting by Georganna Lenssen

Born in Seoul, Korea, Georganna Lenssen graduated from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Awards include the Roy Lance Lauffer Memorial Prize, the Elizabeth Arramark scholarship, and the Wildlife Purchase Prize. Asian art—its deep reverence for nature and the vitality of its direct, spontaneous use of brush and ink—has strongly influenced her work. She incorporates these qualities, focusing upon gesture and movement as they express the essence and vitality of her subjects. Lenssen also teaches at the Wayne Art Center, as well as privately from her studio in Chester Springs, PA. She is represented by galleries including Red Raven Art Company in Lancaster, PA and West Branch Gallery in Stowe, VT.



Workshops: Raku Firing with Brett Thomas

One-Day Raku Firing with Brett Thomas

Level: All levels, Limit 15 students
Workshop Instructor: Brett Thomas
Date: Saturday, November 18, 2017
Time: 10am – 4pm
Location: Chester Springs Studio, Historic Yellow Springs
One-Day Tuition: $55 Member, $75 Non-member
(Tuition includes glazes/supplies fee.)

Join Brett Thomas for a day of Raku firing in the beautiful woodland setting of Chester Springs Studio in Historic Yellow Springs. Bring up to five bisque-fired unglazed pots. Raku clay is recommended (available for purchase at the studio) but other clay bodies may be fired. Experience the techniques of contemporary Raku and learn how to use the process of oxidation and reduction to achieve a wide range of colors and textures. Glazing demo, glazes and special supplies are provided. Explore the options and methods of Raku by applying newly learned glaze techniques to your pottery that is then fired in the Raku kiln. Be sure to read the workshop guidelines and tips available on our website.