Featured Artist: Teresa Haag


2020 Poster Winner

Quiet” by Teresa Haag is the 2020 winner of the Poster Competition.

While on an early morning walk through the sleeping village of Yellow Springs, Teresa Haag found inspiration for her poster painting entry. The peacefulness of the morning, the sunlight filtering through the trees, and the haunting awareness of those who walked the grounds throughout history, all coalesced into an emotion that needed to be conveyed on canvas.

Thus, was born “Quiet,” our poster painting for the 47th Annual Yellow Springs Art Show. We are proud to present its creator, our Yellow Springs Art Show poster artist, Teresa Haag.

Like many artists, Teresa was drawn to art at an early age and found it a constant throughout her life. She studied Art at the Philadelphia Community College and has a degree in Marketing from the University of Phoenix. In 2011, she left her corporate job and took the plunge into becoming a full-time artist. She says that balancing two baby boys and a new art career proved to be very challenging, but worth every late night at the easel. Today she works out of her studio/gallery in downtown Phoenixville, teaching, painting, and exhibiting her work and that of her fellow artists. In 2015 she completed her first mural, “Welcome to Phoenixville,” and has since completed three additional large murals.

Born in Rochester, New York, Teresa grew up in a workman’s neighborhood interwoven with a heavy industrial, commercial presence. She feels that her background has had a strong influence on her selection of subject matter. Her work usually depicts cityscapes of factories and shops, traffic lights and weather, local events, colorful or gritty neighborhoods, and the people who inhabit them. Her paintings tell stories full of sunlight and shadows, sharp angles, bright colors, and complicated perspectives.

Teresa begins each painting by gluing strips of torn newspaper, books, or maps pertaining to her subject matter onto the prepared canvas as a background. She feels the stories of that city are woven into the painting, buzzing and speaking to the viewer. She then applies her oil paint in thin layers to suggest the energy and movement of city life.

Teresa states, “Artists have an immense need to create things. Big things, small things, useful things, pretty things, statement things, colorful things, somber things, a n y t h i n g. When they aren’t creating, they are not living in their truth, and it feels bad. So they create all the time. I create all the time.

I knew that I had this thing inside of me that I had to share, so I just kept spraying out work, in hopes that I would figure out how to share my vision the way that I wanted. It was in the first few brush strokes on top of the newspaper that I felt like I was no longer whirling and twirling, but that suddenly I was in control.”

We are happy that Teresa figured out how to “share her vision,” and are so pleased to honor Teresa Haag as our 2020 Yellow Springs Art Show poster artist.