2020 Yellow Springs Art Show: VIP

Welcome to the 2020 Yellow Springs Art Show Online!

We are so pleased to be able to present a portion of our art show to you online. We are continuing to evaluate when we might be able to have an onsite show in the future and will keep everyone updated on that possibility. While we know this online version is not the same as walking through the glorious village of Yellow Springs and heading into our galleries when they are chocked full of beautiful artwork, we hope that this on-line gallery is a good diversion for you and brings beauty and light to your day!

Maureen Fendrick, Chair, Yellow Springs Art Show

As you peruse the offerings of our talented artists, please keep in mind that we will be refreshing the galleries as pieces are sold, so check back often! Also, we are here to help! If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to assist!

The village of Historic Yellow Springs depends on the art show each year to keep itself alive and current. This is our major fundraiser for the year, and, as you know, not being able to produce our exciting show at this time has really placed a financial hardship on our gorgeous village; which still must work to maintain all of the buildings and grounds. Or, if you find something that you like and buy some artwork through this site, it would certainly go a long way to help us keep the village vital. If nothing strikes your fancy, please consider donating. We have made this option available on the website, as well.

The entire art show committee, the staff, and board members of HYS and I can’t thank you enough for your continued support of the village of Historic Yellow Springs.

Warm regards and happy browsing!

Maureen “Mo” Fendrick, Chair, Yellow Springs Art Show


How to Use the Online Gallery

Follow the instructions below to enter the online gallery. If you need assistance, call Cher Pizzi, Arts Program Director, at 610-827-7414 ext. 16, or email cpizzi@yellowsprings.org and she will get back to you.


Click Button and enter Password to Enter Full Size Gallery


Click on small image to view it at larger size (shown below).


Click on the “i” icon at bottom of  image for artwork information.

Information “i” icon is circled in red.


Click on Purchase link to be guided through the purchase process.

Purchase link is circled in red.


Check back often to view new artwork as they become available for our online gallery exhibit. If you have questions about the artwork, contact Jess Presley, Marketing and Events Coordinator, at  610-827-7414 ext. 10 or email jpresley@yellowsprings.org.


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