Access to materials is conditional upon adherence to the guidelines for usage. The archivist is available to answer questions about handling, reproduction and other uses of the collections.

  • Researchers are not permitted in the stacks.
  • Collections do not circulate and may not be removed from the reading room.
  • Researchers are limited to working with one box at a time.
  • Maintain original order. Remove one item or folder at a time and flag its locations with the markers provided.
  • Work slowly and carefully to prevent records from being crumpled, torn, or broken. Rushing through archival collections endangers the materials. It is not permitted.
  • Return material to the box before leaving the reading room. Do not leave materials unattended.

Handling the Collection

Only pencils are permitted when doing research in the HYS Collection. There should be do food or beverages in the archival room at any time. Extreme care should be exercised at all time.


  • Rest materials flat on the table. Turn the items in a folder like pages in a book.
  • Do not use original materials as an armrest or writing table.
  • Do note remove items from plastic enclosures. See the reference archivist for assistance
  • Neatly arrange paper documents in the folder before returning them to the box
  • Never force folders back into the box


  • Handle oversized materials one at a time and with extreme care. The archivist will help you move oversized materials
  • Do not allow oversized material to hang over table edges


  • Never force the binding of a bound volume open
  • Rest bound volumes flat on the table


  • Wear the cotton gloves provided when working with photographs
  • Handle audio and video collections and equipment with care. Do not force tapes into or out of storage containers or equipment
  • Do not leave tapes in the machine after they have been wound or played
  • Never leave audio and video tapes on top of the equipment, particularly when turning the machines on or off