Open Sculpture at Chester Springs Studio

Sculpture Class

Portrait sculpture created by artist in McMonigle’s sculpture class at Chester Springs Studio.

Do you have a concept for a sculpture project but need assistance to realize it? Or, have you been wanting to try your hand in this media? Either way, the Open Sculpture class at Chester Springs Studio may be what you are looking for.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sculptor, you will expand your skills and talents in this workshop. As the Director of sculpture for the Franklin Mint, George McMonigle has worked with award-winning sculptors around the world to perfect their skills and talents. As instructor of the Open Sculpture class at Chester Springs Studio, McMonigle will assist you at your individual level of skill to realize your vision.

sculpture class

“Chrissy” sculpture by George McMonigle.

Do you want to explore a particular subject like birds, animals or a portrait? Bring your ideas to the first class, and you will be walked through the design and composition stage and on to the execution of your sculpture in the round. If you would like to work on a relief or plaque, that would be great! The goal will be to enjoy the process of creating sculpture while learning in a manner that you can apply to your future works.

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