The Archives collections are available for general and scholarly research, unless specific restrictions apply. The Archives makes no warranty or representation regarding fitness for publication or reproduction of the information in its public collections. All responsibility for infringement of legal authorship rights and/or copyright is assumed by the user of the materials.

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Use: From the collection of The Historic Yellow Springs Moore Archives Collection

Electrostatic Photocopies

1. Researchers may photocopy material in good condition.

2. Oversize materials, some bound volumes, and fragile materials may not be photocopied.

3. Photocopy only one item at a time.

4. Mark the position of any item you remove with the acid-free paper flags found on each table.

5. Use a folder to carry items to the copier.

6. Return items to their proper place immediately. Do not leave materials at the copy machine.

7. You may remove paper clips, spring clips and cloth ties before copying.

8. You may NOT remove staples or plastic enclosures.

9. Copies are black and white for 25 cents per page.

Reproduction of Photographs, Film, Video and Audio Materials

Many of the photographs, film, video and audio materials are available for reproduction.

Availability for reproduction is determined by the following consideration:


  • Production fees: These fees are charged to cover all costs associated with the production of the duplicate materials, including printing and materials.
  • Reproduction fees: These fees are charged for each image or audiovisual title included in a published product.
  • Access fees: These fees are charged when the user needs to photograph, film, or videotape objects, artifacts and/or documents on exhibit or in storage. Photographers using hand-held cameras, and cell phones, using ambient light in public spaces, and producing images for personal (non-commercial) use are exempted from this charge.

Contact the Moore Archivist for specific information about pricing for your project.

Reproduction of Photographs and other Two-dimensional images


  • The Archives reserves the right to refuse reproduction of materials whose condition is considered too fragile or deteriorated for safe handling.
  • All production work must be done either through Historic Yellow Springs or when appropriate an outside laboratory designated by and handled by Historic Yellow Springs staff.

Reproductions fees will be paid either through Historic Yellow Springs or directly to the printing vendor. Materials will not be released until payment amount is agreed upon and it is confirmed that arrangements for payment has been made.

In accordance with Historic Yellow Springs policy, there is a fee charged for the right to reproduce photographic and other two-dimensional image material from its collections.