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The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs

A colonial inn and tavern built c.1750, it is now a venue with a 2000 sq. ft. main room, hosting 150 seated guests with room for dancing.

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We are all thrilled to be able to return to a greater sense of normalcy within the village. Now that many of the restrictions have been lifted and or lessened, we will be getting back to normal capacity for many of our events, classes and activities. There are still guidelines that have been issued from the CDC and precautions to be mindful of when you are attending functions with others. Many of our volunteers and guests are in the high-risk category and everyone’s safety is our utmost concern. Pennsylvania government has made the announcement that they will be following the guidance that FULLY vaccinated people will no longer need to wear a mask or physically distance, except where required by local businesses, federal, state laws, rules and regulations. HYS values our volunteers and guests, and we are still requiring face masks be worn by individuals within HYS buildings and at activities. Depending upon your event or activity, variations may exist and you should speak to the HYS team member lead for that event for any specific guidance.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support!



As with so many of you, the shutdown months for the pandemic have been very hard from an income perspective for us. We make nearly all of our funds that carry us throughout the year in the Spring and Summer months. We normally raise funds through events, classes, shows and other activities. Those funds help us provide free events, history tours and maintain the 142-acre property, buildings and grounds. There are NO state workers that come to HYS to maintain this beautiful property. We actually have a very small staff and mostly part-time team members.

COVID hit HYS at the WORST time possible for us. We took a massive hit to income. We now find ourselves in a large deficit and need your help. Please go to our website and donate to support us.

I have to say I find it curious that such a large number of folks who visit HYS are under a BIG misconception. Many people think we are a public place–maybe because we are historic? We are NOT a public entity, a State Park or State/Federally funded. HYS is a private organization under a non-profit 501c3 designation. We are only funded by our friends, supporters and activities. We have to find ways to get the funds to maintain everything that you enjoy throughout HYS and our grounds. SO, IF YOU LIKE HYS, PLEASE HELP SUPPORT US!

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We are thrilled that we have so many people who enjoy and take advantage of all HYS has to offer on a daily basis.  BUT, we can’t make all of this happen without the money to do so. It has been nice to see so many familiar and new faces continuing to come to HYS to enjoy the trails, the wonderful flower gardens, and all the beauty that is Historic Yellow Springs. We hope that you continue to come and explore.

Your donations are indispensable, now more than ever and we thank you for helping us keep this 300-year-old historical property thriving!


Executive Director, HYS

COVID Guidelines

Please follow COVID guidelines. The following links provide easy access to the most current information.

Chester County Health Department > 
PA Department of Health >
CDC > 
WHO > 

Historic Yellow Springs will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed if our plans change.  If you are a Pennsylvania resident and are experiencing symptoms or believe you have been exposed to the virus, call 1-877-PA-HEALTH. 


  1. 2021 Fall Classes: Pottery

    September 13 - November 21
  2. 2021 Fall: Fine Art Classes

    September 13 - November 21
  3. Wood Kiln Firing

    October 23 - October 24
  4. Wood Kiln Firing

    November 6 - November 7
  5. Workshop with Georganna Lenssen

    November 6 - November 7
  6. 2021 Arts & Crafts Show

    November 12 - November 14
  7. Wood Kiln Firing

    November 13 - November 14

Your donations support our historic village and educational programs dedicated to the arts, history and nature. Every dollar counts. Every gift matters. Help to preserve over 300 years of local history, rich artistic heritage and inspiring natural beauty.

Create, discover and develop your skills in the fine arts, including painting, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, sculpture and ceramics in the peaceful and scenic village of Historic Yellow Springs. Classes are offered for all ages and skill levels.

Join us for exciting events and exhibits at Historic Yellow Springs. We host events year round, including the Yellow Springs Art Show, Fine Arts and Crafts Show, HYS Members Show, Town Tours and Village Walks, Jazz at the Springs and HYS Holiday Stroll.

The Washington is ready to host your special event. With over 2000 square feet in the main room, it can easily hold 150 seated guests and have plenty of room for dancing. Find out more about its history, beauty and elegance.

The mission of Historic Yellow Springs, Inc. is to share, preserve and celebrate the unique living village of Yellow Springs. With the focus on history, art, education and the environment, Historic Yellow Springs enriches the lives of all who come here. Historic Yellow Springs is home to Chester Springs Studio, a vibrant arts center that hosts classes, workshops and exhibitions in the visual arts. Historic Yellow Springs, Inc. is supported in part by the following organizations:

Pennsylvania Council on the ARTS       Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission